Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pusan Part I

it's been a very long time since I blog....

Last time I'm still at Indonesia and nowww.....

Guess what....

I''m at the second largest city at South Korea, BUSAN 부산
I got an exchange program for half a year / 1 semester to study at Dong Seo University (덩시대학요).
Sorry if I mistakenly write the Hangul wrong.... :P Still in the proses of learning.

There are 4 students from my University (Irenne, Me, Edwin Fernando, and Alexandra), first two are from IT and the last two's from Visual Design. We came to Busan 2 weeks ago at 2 September 2012 in which we're already late by one week as the start of the semester is around 25 August or something and we're late for orientation. T_T

I live at a dorm with my "CRAZY" Indonesian roommate whose name is actually / coincidentally the same with me! He's EDWIN!! NOOO!!! (kidding suk) :P
To make people easy to distinguish our name, we agree to call the other EDWIN as Susuk! ahahhaha....

To begin with, I met with 2 of the International Affairs Staff, Mr.Dan and Mr...... (Sorry forgot the name :P). They picked us at the airport after we called them 1 day before our arrival. Thanks to them we can go to our University safely and without roaming around Pusan to look for our University. :D

I met another Indonesian as I arrived, named Jonathan. Actually he's Indonesian but can't speak Indonesian fluently. hahaha.... anyway, I won't go into the details why he doesn't speak Indonesian that fluently, but he helped us to get prepared in our room and he's like our "BIG BROTHER" here at Dong Seo bcoz we will always ask for his help since we arrived until NOW! XD (THX ko JO) :)

I also met two other Indonesian, and they're GOKIL (it's like awesomely crazy) (kidding cece") hahaha.... They're Cindy and Triana (Is it single N or double N? :P). Ko Jo, Ce Cindy and Kak Gia are taking masters, that's why we're like their younger brothers and sisters who always bothering them for help (thx a lot ce and ko and kak) :)

Life in Busan, is not that difficult actually... I like it here but the Language Problem is the main problem here. I can speak very basic 한국어 , but if any other Koreans speak to me, I'm like a 바버. We got lots of friends from other countries, such as Cambodia, Russia, Germany, Poland, and even EGYPT! :D

They're all really nice to me and to my friends as well.... Anyway, I really like it here in Pusan or Busan. I'll continue with the episode most likely next week or earlier! :) Cya... :)

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